Pampered Chef Brooke Smith

Pampered Chef is the premier direct seller of high-quality kitchen tools. Cooking classes are held in host's home or virtual shows are also an option. I can help guests use our unique products to prepare simple and delicious recipes while sharing tips and techniques to make everyday cooking easier and faster.

At Pampered Chef, we celebrate the power that mealtimes have to become something more: a way to transform relationships, to create traditions, and to build happier and richer lives. Try one of our distinctive, time-saving tools; prepare a meal with friends at a cooking party, or put on an apron and join us. Together, we are enriching lives, one meal and one memory at a time.

Fundraisers for 5013C organizations are available too! Pampered Chef products make great gifts or purchased for personal use and come with personal customer service.


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202 Lake Placid Run
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(281) 253-5775
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